Ricky: The Happiest Vegetarian in Philippines

Meet Ricky from Guimaras, Philippines. Because of his extraordinary style it’s almost impossible to pass him by without staring. But even if you can’t resist to look a little longer and admire his style he will reply you with a big smile. Ricky is one of the most positive persons I have met. He may look like a badass because of his tattoos and sunglasses with dark lenses but he’s actually a gentle soul who stands for love and peace on earth everywhere he goes. You will see him always with his hair up in a bun, a camera over his shoulder and a cheerful yoga theme or Bob Marley T-shirt on.

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As you’ve probably guessed he loves the music of Bob Marley and he is a passionate photographer. His other passions and keys to a happy and fulfilled life are yoga and meditation which he practices at 4 AM every morning.


Ricky is a vegetarian and his cooking is so good that he can turn even the biggest meat lover into a vegetarian at least for the time he enjoys Ricky’s delicious meals.

Even being vegetarian makes Ricky unique in Philippines, since the majority of filipinos eat meals with meat every day. It can be challenging to find a place to eat here if you are a traveling vegetarian and don’t have an option to cook a homemade meal.


Maybe due to the poor options for vegetarians in surroundings of  Iloilo City and Guimaras Ricky has decided to open his own vegetarian restaurant and yoga center in the backyard of his house. I will definitely step by pretty often when he does because I love everything Ricky cooks. If you happen to be in Guimaras, don’t miss out. The place is called Mayrick’s Veggies and it is located in Brgy. Daragan, Buenavista, Guimaras. They already accept lunch reservations, though it is still not completed yet. Regarding to reservations you can contact Ricky on Facebook.

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Love and peace, Ricky!

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  1. Josephine
    Josephine says:

    Ricky sounds like amazing guy!! It definitely seems very rare for Philippines, since I know most of people there love meat!
    Love and peace!

  2. pep
    pep says:

    How do you get to that vegetarian place of his? I’m a vegetarian who has been living in Iloilo for the past 4 years.

  3. BG
    BG says:

    Hello. Can I ask for his contact too? Planning to go to Guimaras in a few weeks time. Thank you for sharing your experiences. They triggered the wanderlust in me again. 😀


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