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If you  are a beach addict like me and are committed to visit the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Boracay island in Philippines should definitely be on your list. Boracay belongs to Western Visayas island-group and is located just a few kilometers off the northwest corner of the Panaj island. This delightful island is mostly known for the white sand beaches and bright, crystal clear water in turquoise blue color.

Boracay has 13 beaches scattered all over its shores. Each and every one of them is incredibly beautiful and unique. There is a match for everyone in Boracay – from popular beaches filled with cheerful vacationers, famous beach clubs and restaurants with exquisite seafood to small, secluded beaches to enjoy privacy, peacefulness, listen to the sound of waves and breathe in the fresh sea air. And that’s not all! You can also find a great, wide beach for kiteboarding there. There is no surprise why Boracay’s beaches are ranked among the best in the world. If you always have dreamed of tropical beaches with white, powdery sand, clear, bright blue water surrounded by lush green palm trees full of fresh coconuts, you should look at these top 5 most beautiful Boracay beaches.

White Beach


White Beach (also called Long Beach by the locals) is the most famous beach in Boracay and there are some damn good reasons for it. Firstly, its scenery and magnitude. White Beach is 4 km long and has white, superfine sand and crystal clear, transparent water in gorgeous, light turquoise shade and palm trees in the background.

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Secondly, its location. If you are active and don’t want to spend all your vacation lying on the beach, you should look for the hotels near White Beach, because most of the activities like boat trips, parasailing, banana boat rides and others are located there. Also all the comfort and services you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest can be found here: a great variety of restaurants, spas and nightclubs with wild beach parties, as well as the most popular shopping place in Boracay called D’mall.

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However if you don’t want to be in the middle of the party and would like to enjoy more privacy and isolation, this is not a place for you. Keep on reading and you will find a beach that suites your requirements.

Puka Shell Beach

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Located in the north of Boracay, Puka Shell Beach  is a great alternative for relatively crowded White Beach if you are willing to escape from the masses but still enjoy a wide, white sand beach. This beach is 800 m long, and the view of the sea water there is just breathtaking revealing every possible shade of blue color starting from the brightest turquoise and gradually turning into deep sea blue. It is surprising that this wide, gorgeous beach is still almost deserted most of the time. You can spend your time here in complete privacy, listening to the sound of the waves and enjoying the fresh breeze. The only possible explanation for the seclusion is its location: about 20 minutes tricycle ride from White Beach. Since Boracay is very compact and most of the services can be found near White Beach, 20 minutes may seem like a long ride. Though it is reasonable and totally worth it.


Only downside is that the water at Puka Shell Beach is deeper and waves are rougher than other beaches of Boracay. This is not the best place for lying on your back in the water while enjoying the picturesque view of the sky. Nevertheless if you are traveling to Boracay a peaceful beach day at Puka Shell Beach to admire its stunning scenery and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere should be added to your travel calendar.


 To get to Puka Beach by land you can either take a tricycle (a type of taxi in Philippines, which is basically a motorcycle with a sidecar), rent a bike or a scooter. Other option to look at this natural wonder is to go there as a part of island hopping and watch the stunning sunset which Puka Shell Beach is famous for. If you seek for more detailed information about Puka Beach check out this in-depth guide about Puka Beach.

Bulabog Beach


This is the famous destination for kiteboarding lovers. It is located on the opposite side of  island from White Beach, about 5 minute walk from D’Mall. Bulabog Beach is more windy than White Beach which makes it perfect place for kiteboarding and windsurfing as well as other watersports. It is even known as the top windsurfing and kiteboarding beach in Asia.


It is 2.5 km long white sand beach. There are many shops and resorts along the beach which provide beach and sea sports gear and help vacationers to book different water activities like parasailing, banana boat ride, jet skiing and others.

This beach is always filled with like minded active water sports enthusiasts making the atmosphere there relaxing yet active. The best time to visit Bulabog Beach is between November and May when the wind blows onshore onto the beach and the conditions are great for kiteboarding and windsurfing.

Diniwid Beach


Diniwid Beach is a great option for the ones willing to get away from all the hustle and bustle in White Beach. This picturesque beach of your dreams can be found after only 15 minutes walk from Station 1, White Beach through a winding cliff side trail or via 100 php (about 2.20$) worth tricycle ride from D’Mall, Station 2. Diniwid Beach is located in a small cove and although there are a few hotels in the area it is a perfect place for quiet longing and relaxation. A beautiful scenery with bright blue water, lush green trees and scattered rocks along the shore; this view in a background makes it a perfect place for your vacation photos. One of the biggest advantages of Diniwid beach is that you can escape from the insistent vendors who are mostly roaming around the White Beach.

If you are still looking for a hotel, the native style Spider House Resort with amazing sea views is widely recommended among the island visitors.

Ilig-Iligan and Lapuz-Lapuz Beaches

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Ilig-Iligan Beach and Lapuz-Lapuz Beach are the two neighbors located in the northeastern side of Boracay. These two beaches stand out with their stunning, natural, undamaged landscapes along the long stretches of white sand and the ultimate seclusion and privacy.

Regardless of their beauty and large area these beaches are among the most deserted ones in the island. The sand here is white and fine and a view with palm trees in the background and a few rocks in the sea is amazing.


The two beaches are perfect for a romantic getaway and picnic under the palm trees. Almost always you can’t find nobody there besides you so the place is all yours.  Very few people find it or even know about it, since it is located relatively far from the White Beach which is the main tourist attraction. It is surprising that these beaches are still not really developed; just a couple of small local eateries can be found there. At  the Ilig-iligan Beach there is an option to hire a guide who will lead you to the bat caves.

The best ways to get to these beaches  are by tricycle, bike or scooter. The most convenient choice is to rent your own vehicle because it can be challenging to find a tricycle to come back as they don’t pass by this quiet area so often.

Have you visited Boracay already? Which is your favorite Boracy beach? Use the comment section below to share your insights on best Boracay beaches.

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