Philippines Set Guinness World Record by Lighting Candles for Peace

Philippines managed to achieve the goal of setting a new Guinness World Record by lighting 100 000 candles for peace today, on April 14, 2014, in Savannah City, Oton, Iloilo. The lit candles formed an image of the Philippines map for five seconds causing genuine smiles and pride on the faces of participants. And there is a reason for it! Now the record of largest flaming image using candles belongs to Philippines. The previous record was achieved in Pakistan by simultaneously lighting  35 478 candles.

IMG_0022 3_Chldhood_Size

I was happy for a chance to attend the annual event “Light of Peace in the Philippines”  in which the record was set. The event has a beautiful goal to promote world peace through inner peace. There was even organized  a 30 minutes guided meditation, helping us to achieve inner peace and experience happiness through meditation.

After the meditation session the big moment came and responding a start signal from organizators 100 000 candles were lit for world peace.

Photo by Inez Francesca Correa

“Be a light of peace for world peace” – slogan of “Light of peace in the Philippines”

It was a truly uplifting moment when thousands of candles were lit, bringing participants even closer together. Each and every one as a small, though important piece of common light of peace.



IMG_0001 2_Lomo_Life_Size

Last year at the “Light of Peace in the Philippines” event Philippines managed to broke another Guinness World Record when more than 15 000 sky lanterns were released in the air simultaneously.

These two amazing events of releasing sky lanterns in the air and lightening candles for peace have left me thinking, what kind of inspiring Guinness World Record setting is going to happen next year?!


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