Gifts for Travel Lovers 2017: 44 Useful Gifts for People Who Travel A Lot

I have to admit, I’m a holiday person. And the thing I like the most about holidays season is the tingling feeling that something good is about to happen. That holiday atmosphere comes long before the anticipated date. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas day is wonderful. However I like the time before Christmas even more. That includes so many joyful activities like decorating my home with Christmas lights, lighting the candles, singing and dancing along the Christmas songs and drinking hot chocolate.

With all the Christmas’ buzz around I also started to prepare  inspiring gifts for my loved ones. At that moment I realized how difficult and time consuming it could be to find a great gift for everyone. That’s when I decided to create this ultimate Christmas gift guide helping you to find unique and inspirational gifts for travel lovers in your life.


This list consists of 44 useful and best gifts for travel lovers, some of them practical, some beautiful and aesthetic, but all with great reviews from travel enthusiasts who have purchased them. From adventurer and explorer to comfort lover, here are nice Christmas gifts for everyone.

You will certainly find a perfect treat between them to delight your travel loving friend or relative. And best thing, they are really affordable, ranging mostly from $10 – $100.

Please note that many of the selected gifts can be purchased through Amazon Prime membership. It provides a free two-day shipping in the contiguous U.S. It is very convenient, since Christmas is on the doorstep. Be aware that Prime membership is a paid service.

However luckily for us there is a 30-day trial offered by the website for free. Just remember to unsubscribe if you don’t want to continue with the membership after the trial (you can do it immediately after subscribing to trial). Otherwise the fee for membership will be taken from the credit card you have registered on the site.

Let’s start with the gift list!

1. Bear Butt Hammock



Useful gift for outdoor enthusiast or a beach bum. Bear Butt Hammock  is super lightweight, small, compact and holds 2 people up to 500 pounds – perfect for traveling. If you are still not convinced this is the best hammock out there, read almost 2000 reviews on Amazon.

2.Vintage Style Travel Journal

travel gift

Travel journal definitely makes for a nice travel gift, and it’s small so you can always take it with your on your world traveling experiences.

Some people like to keep journals while they’re traveling, so they could read them after years while sitting by the fire place and drinking a large cup of coffee.

In this way even many years after the travel trip it is possible to remember the exact feelings and insights when you first saw that lush green valley, the beautiful deserted island or the majestic mountain ridges. And this vintage style travel journal gives the right feeling! I’m starting to think of getting one or two.

3. GoPro HERO5 Session


If you want to delight someone who loves to take videos about his exploring experience and also film underwater world during his travels, in case he still doesn’t own a GoPro, after receiving this small, travel friendly camera as a gift he will never go anywhere without it anymore. This is more expensive than most of the gifts for travelers I have collected on this list, but it’s definitely worth it. If you are not looking for the newest version here is an older model that still does a decent job.

4. Brunton Gentleman’s Compass

Brunton Gentleman's Compass


If you want to find a classy gift to a man with a curious mind or an outdoor enthusiast, this gentleman’s compass is an excellent choice. Its best features are stylish design and good quality. Engrave a beautiful quote or a wish on the back of it it and you will have even more special gift for your friend or beloved one.

5. Tile Key (or anything else) Finder

Tile (Gen 2) - Phone Finder Key Finder Item FinderIf you are looking for a gift to a person who tends to loose things and forget where he has put them, this a superhandy gift for him. With Tile you can keep track of phones, tablets, keys, wallets, luggage, purses, backpacks, cameras, remote controls, kids toys, and more. 

6. Journeys of a Lifetime

Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Greatest Trips


If the person to whom you are looking for a gift is like me (huge travel lover) and wants to go EVERYWHERE, this will be a great Christmas gift for him or her. Even if it could be quite difficult to go to all possible places in the world during our lifetime, it is still possible to choose the ones that we would like to see the most.

And this is what Journeys of Lifetime offers – a small insight in amazing 500 trips letting us decide which direction seems the most charming to us. Deciding where to go first has always been the most tough decision in my journey planning. After that you just need to buy the ticket and then with a little bit more planning for the trip (or not, if you fancy more spontaneity) and bon voyage!

7. Pebble 2 SE  Smart Watch



Pebble 2 se is the new version of highly rated Pebble Time Smartwatch. Due to the fact that its battery can last up to 7 days and is water resistant to 30 m this is one of the best smart watches in the market.

8. Digital Luggage Scale

TravelMover Portable Digital Luggage Scale - Save Airport Overweight Baggage Fees - Best Value for Your Money - Durable Quality Tested - Lightweight Compact Easy to Use - Practical Gadget for Travel - Perfect Gift


I completely agree to what I have read on one of the reviews of the digital luggage scale, that is something everyone who enjoys traveling should have.

A very useful, practical gift, I would say. This digital luggage scale is very compact, lightweight and fits well in the suitcase. It will prevent your traveling friend from paying unexpected overweight luggage fees.

People who travel a lot know how frustrating and well most likely quite expensive an overweight luggage can prove to be in the airport. If you know somebody who likes to bring “everything” with him/her on a small trip or on the contrary, loves shopping and  wants to bring “everything” home from that place , this would be a perfect gift for him/her.

9. Kindle



I’m sure most of the travelers would appreciate this practical gift if they haven’t got it already. One of the best and most qualitative ways to spend long hours in the bus or plane or waiting in airports for connecting flights is reading a good book. Make sure to look for the Paperwhite version which has a built in backlight. This is more affordable version, but if you are looking for the newest one you can find it here.

10. Binocular

Bushnell PermaFocus Wide Angle Porro Prism Binocular

Continuing with useful gift ideas for travel enthusiasts, this Bushnell porro prism binocular is a worthwhile item for camping or hiking. It will also serve well for birding and sporting events. According to the reviews on Amazon permafocus of the binocular does an amazing job. With this binocular you can relax and enjoy the views, since you don’t have to worry about adjusting the focus all the time.

11. Outdoor survival Multitool

Adventure Medical Kits SOL Original Survival Multitool


This multitool includes many basic essential tools for different outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking and others. It makes a very practical and handy gift for a nature lover.

12. Scratch Map

Luckies of London Scratch Map Travel Edition


Scratch map is a nice, useful travel gift for the ones (let’s call them world travelers) who have the goal to travel well if not all then most of the countries of the world. Posting this on the wall and looking at the places you have been to can bring out some wonderful memories.

13. Luggage Tags

If you are looking for a small and practical gift for a travel lover, a set of two quality luggage tags will work perfectly for you.

14. Handpresso

Handpresso Wild Hybrid French Press


I love coffee so as a travel lover I would be happy to receive a gift like this. As the item description says Handpresso Wild Hybrid French Press gives you the ability to pump your way to caffeinated goodness with a few simple tools, making it ideal for campers, outdoorsy types or rustic cabin-dwellers. Be sure to read the tips on customer reviews to get the perfect crema of your expresso! If you are looking for a additional gift  JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is highly appreciated between the customers and since it is easy to clean and can be taken apart to save space it’s undoubtedly a good match for frequent travelers.

15. Apple World Travel Adapter Kit



This will be a worthwhile gift for a person who is not only a keen traveler who likes to choose his future destinations from all over the world but also a fan of Apple products. This kit includes  plugs that directly support outlets in North America, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Korea, Australia and Hong Kong.


16. Travel Guitar

Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar with Bag


According to reviews on Amazon this Martin Steel String Backpacker guitar sounds surprisingly powerful despite of its small size. Even though it exceeds $ 100 I really like the concept of this guitar – a backpacker travel guitar. And the truth is that the right music does make traveling even more fun.

That’s why I just had to put it on the list, because it is indeed useful gift for travel lovers.

17. Small Travel Gift: Fire Starter


Does your friend or relative is a travel lover, who enjoys exploring nature, hiking, trekking, camping, mountain riding and other  outdoor activities? Then he will most likely appreciate this fire starter as a gift. It can be really handy when camping in low temperatures.

18. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


If your travel lover friend doesn’t go anywhere without his headphones or other gadgets for his music this is just perfect for him.

This bluetooth speaker is splash resistant so you can take it with you in the boat whenever you are going snorkeling and exploring dreamlike islands or take your tunes with you on a beach day.

Long lasting battery (more than 30 hours), silicon solar panels, quality sound and powerfull bass are some of the best features of this speaker. Take this little guy with you and have a beach party whenever you like!

19. Snorkeling Mask



Give this snorkeling mask to someone who likes to explore the underwater world while traveling, and he will appreciate it when enjoying an excellent quality snorkeling session during his tropical vacation. It is easy to breath comfortably through nose or mouth with this mask and it even has a GoPro mount. The only suitable for surface snorkeling, you can’t go deeper than a couple of meters with it since you can’t equalise the pressure by pinching the nostrils and blowing through your nose.

20. Phone Lenses




A great gift for someone who loves to play around with his phone camera and post some awesome instagram travel photos. This kit includes 2 lenses: wide angle lens and macro lens to make your phone camera photos stand out. 

21. Tiny Hair Dryer




This small travel gift will delight ladies who tend to travel a lot and have used to maintain their beauty routine during their travels. This hair dryer will help to keep their hair look great while traveling. It is perfect for traveling since it doesn’t take much space in the travel bag.

22. Fujifilm Smartphone Printer



I personally think it’s an awesome gift not only for travel lovers. But taking a small printer with you to make instant group photo using your phone and then after a few minutes giving a photo to your new friends so they could put it on their fridge and remember a journey you have had together is simply beautiful. I think digital photos are exaggerated nowadays. It’s so much better to have a real photo in a photo album or memory box under the bed.

23. External Battery Charger



This is a very useful gift for comfort loving traveler who likes to use his smartphone or tablet a lot during his travels. He is probably used to finding the battery dead after a few hours of the intense use. External battery charger is a savior in these cases.

24. Better Than Fiction: True Travel Tales

Better Than Fiction: True Travel Tales From Great Fiction Writers


What can be a better way to pass the long hours of traveling by plane or bus than a good book about travel adventures from great fiction writers! Maybe this book as a gift will give the inspiration to your traveler friend for some new adventures.

25. Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories

AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories Black


There are different type of travelers, some of them organized, some..well not so much. This travel case will help your traveler friend to keep all his small electronics and accessories like mp3 player, small digital camera, ear plugs etc. in one place. This case would be very handy to me, since I tend to make a mess in my suitcase when I suddenly decide to use my ear plugs and have no idea in which plastic bag or side pocket of a suitcase I have packed them.

26. Packing Cubes

ebags packing cubes


Since we started to talk about organizing your travel bag, this is another great item that your friend will definitely love if he likes to keep things in order. Anyway even if your friend can get quite messy like me when it comes to packing, this can be a savior for him and he will be grateful for this gift that will help him with the great challenge of organizing his belongings.

27. Polaroid Camera



This reminds me of my childhood when polaroid cameras were popular. I own it myself and would definitely recommend it to a travel lover. It’s fun to use and makes instant memories for years to look at. Give instant photos of your shared adventures to your new travel friends. Make postcards  everywhere you go. I love playing around with it. Every photo feels special since  you usually don’t take a ton of photos at the same spot like you would do with digital camera. Don’t expect digital camera quality from this one, it has this vintage style blur on most of the photos and it doesn’t get the exposure always right but sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised of the outcome you would get out of this less than 100$ camera – interesting light effects and colour play, better than instagram filter.

28. Vintage Style World Map Poster

Vintage World Map Maps Giant Poster Print, 55x39 College Giant Poster Print, 55x39


If your friend is a fan of vintage look, this would be a beautiful travel gift for him/her. It is perfect for pinning the places he or she have already been or would like to go. Only downside is that there is no Antarctica on the map, but since it is not among the most popular destinations, I think it is not a big con.

Map looks gorgeous when framed and hanged on the wall according to the reviews.

 29. Backpack

TETON Sports Explorer4000 Internal Frame Backpack


Backpack will be a great gift for nature travel lovers, who like to spend their holidays hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the world. This Teton sports explorer backpack has high reviews, regarding to the good quality material, great capacity, affordable price and its many convenient pockets and straps.

Some complain that the sleeping bag doesn’t fit in its compartment. However according to other reviews it could occur only with the big winter bags, but most common bags fit easily. Overall this is a great, practical backpack that will delight your adventure loving friend for Christmas.

30. Family Tent

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Are you looking for useful travel gift that would suit a traveler who usually goes on his camping adventures with family or a bunch of friends? After researching many other options, I found this highly recommended waterproof tent suitable for 8 persons as a perfect match for you.

31. Travel Yoga Mat


This travel yoga mat is an amazing gift for someone who loves yoga so much that he/she just can’t imagine traveling without his/her daily routine of yoga practice. Manduka Eko yoga mat is suitable for travels so its owner could practice yoga everywhere. It is easily foldable, good at slip resistance, thin and most importantly fits easily in the suitcase. And it comes in all kinds of beautiful colours. Only con is that it is really thin so maybe you will have to look elsewhere if you are not used to thin yoga mats.

32. Travel Beauty Kit

ohn_masters_essential_hair_body_1John masters organics travel kit comes in adorable, small cosmetic bag. That makes is a lovely gift for a lady. I have used this kit for my travels as well and I can definitely recommend it to you. I used it for short 5-day to one week trips and it was perfect. The kit has the essential products for hair and body hygiene. And they not only smell amazing, but also are organic. The 60 ml bottle size is just perfect for a small trip. The beauty kit fit nicely in my small cabin bag.

33. Travel Pillow


If you are looking for a good travel gift that would delight a person who takes long journeys by plane he will definitely appreciate this super comfy travel pillow.

So many good reviews from people who have bought it say it all. Your travel lover friend will quietly thank you for this gift every time after a good night sleep in a plane or bus.

34. Travel Towels



Travel towels are very practical gift. This set of 3 towels in different sizes is best for traveling since towels are compact, lightweight, super absorbent and fast drying.

35. Travel Massage Stick

Travel Massage Stick


An active traveler who enjoys working out and hiking will most likely be happy to receive a travel massage stick. This wonderful tool used for softening up tight muscles. This little thing can do miracles according to more than 2000 of excellent reviews.

36. Led Headlapm


A headlamp will be very useful for camping as well as mountain climbing and other outdoor activities. Some of the best features of the highly LED headlamp: hands-free; shines ultra-bright (110 Lumens); bulb lasts up to 100,000 hours.

37. Travel Mug

Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Tangerine Travel Coffee Mug


It doesn’t matter if your travel enthusiast friend likes to drink coffee or tea or just cold water, this stainless steel travel mug will keep his drink hot for 4 hours or cold for 12 hours during his travels. Keeping your beverages in the right temperature is especially nice when you travel long journeys by car.

38. Travel Lover Game: Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride game


Why not entertain yourself even when you are at home by playing travel related board games? Ticket to ride has amazing reviews among the board game lovers.

Kids love them too. Board games are a great indoor entertainment for family and friends, especially during the Christmas holiday time when it can get quite cold outside (well, of course, not in Hawaii!).

39. Off the Beaten Path (USA)

Off the Beaten Path: A Travel Guide to More Than 1000 Scenic and Interesting Places Still Uncrowded and Inviting


Going off the beaten path is always exciting. It awakens the adventurer  spirit in us. It’s an indescribable feeling when you explore places that are deserted and pristine. If beautiful, unknown and sometimes mysterious places are something your friend is aiming for, this book will give him some worthwhile suggestions. The book provides small, informative descriptions of more than 1000 interesting sites and destinations in the USA.

40. Travel Router

travel-routerTravel router is a must have for someone who wants to share with photos, videos and music during his travels. It has so many useful functions that you will be surprised you haven’t bought it already since it makes life so much comfortable for a tech and travel lover. It can be used as a wireless router, media streamer and sharer, storage backup (transfers files between your devices), SD card, USB reader and a power bank.

41. Professional Selfie Stick

Fugetek FT-568 Professional Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote for Apple, Android, Gopro & Digital Cameras (49-Inch, Black)


For someone who likes to make selfies with beautiful places in background while traveling the world or a solo traveler this is THE selfie stick. It has fast connecting bluetooh remote  and fits all large smart phones with extra thick cases and can also be used for your digital camera. It provides two interchangeable phone mounts: one with phone lock to avoid phone slippage or drops, extendable to 4.2 and another with mirror for your rear HD camera which is great since you can take photos with better quality and still check in the mirror that you don’t cover up the background and everybody fits in the picture. Ultraextendable at 49, which gives you more room to fit in.

42. Couple Passport Covers


Are you looking for a gift for a couple? If your friends are travel lovers this will be the perfect gift for them – personalised matched passport covers. There’s lot of options to choose from.

43. Headphones


A lot of the frequent travelers will be glad to receive a good pair of headphones as gift.  When it comes to Oucomi headphones most of the people who have bought them are enchanted by them. Comfort, excellent sound quality and best for the price are just some of the features frequently used to describe these headphones. Called the best earbud headphones a person has had by many buyers.

44. Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles and More!


After reading reviews from buyers there is no wonder they call them Eargasm. I wish I would have got these on my trip to el Nido when I was staying at a bungalow and couldn’t sleep all the night since loud music was played at the local pub close to it. If your friend travels by his motorcycle or is a festival or concert traveler or this is the gift for him since they reduce excess sound and you can enjoy a good quality sound.

This is it!

This is the whole list. I hope you will find something here to delight a very special travel lover friend with one of these useful travel gifts.

Please note, that I only recommended the best from all the gifts for travel lovers I researched. There were some very attractive gifts at first glance, but after reading some of the reviews that informed about bad performance or quality I decided not to put them on the list.

To all travel enthusiasts reading this article – what gift would you like to receive for Christmas? Is it on the list? If you know some other amazing gifts for travel lovers please share your insights on the comment section below!

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