Nusa Lembongan: Surf Eat Sleep Repeat

Nusa Lembongan is a small island that often stays unnoticed in the shadows of its bigger neighbor Bali. We think it’s underrated. I first went there a few years ago and I thought then – Yes, that’s the paradise like place on earth I was looking for! – unlike Bali, which was my first stop on the trip. To be honest I was a little bit disappointed when I first saw Bali –  crowded, polluted, not exactly the green, peaceful scenery I have always imagined (since most of the IG posts and Google searches are like that). However I managed to get to love Bali. But that is another story. So let’s get back to Nusa Lembongan surf trip.

Nusa Lembongan surf eat sleep repeat

What Has Changed

Empty beach restaurants on our Nusa Lembongan surf trip. Photo by Lūcija Rošāne

Even though a few years have passed since I last visited Nusa Lembongan it’s still quite uncrowded, however a few things have changed. Cars – charters for tourists have started to appear more and more, before there were only motorbikes and a couple of cars on the island. Roads are still bad though. And, yes, more eating places as answer to a growing tourism have appeared. Other than that those places were quite empty and we sometimes felt like the only tourists on the island. Maybe it was because the Mt.Agung was showing more activity at that time. Maybe..

But First – Surfing

But first surfing. Photo by Lūcija Rošāne

This time our main goal for going to the island was surfing. So let’s get to our favorite Nusa Lembongan surf spot. Since we went there a few families with kids  (some of us more experienced surfers like my husband and a couple of his friends and then the rest of us totally beginners) then we have to say we found the best spot that suited all of or needs and skills and it is called Playgrounds. It was a first time even I could catch a wave since waves were constant, smooth  and predictable contraversely to the messy wild ones I have been trying to catch on the south coast of Portugal. Playgrounds is THE place to learn surfing. As said on Magic seaweed this is the most user-friendly spot on Lembongan. It’s an easier paddle, being closer to shore, continues to break at lower tides, is a little bit deeper and offers more wall to work as opposed to the flat out barrels nearby.

That said, it has a constant current to  paddle against but it’s so worth it! However I have to mention this is not your wild and secluded private surfing spot. The area is full with cruisers, boats and pontoons – definitely not the most pretty spot. As for the experienced surfers my husband loved it too – close to shore, easy paddle, and so many catchable waves in a row.  Of course –  we went surfing on different days and by different forecasts.

The Second Part – Eating

A random beach bar in Lembongan. Photo by Lūcija Rošāne

We found Dhipa Warung dan Shop the most suitable place for surfer families like us – it’s simple, budget friendly and offers delicious food. Tuna steak was our favorite.

Second place I have to mention as a total coffee addict – Nick’s Place Lembongan has divine iced coffee shakes. Mouthwatering.

Need Some Sleep?

And the we get to the final part of the ultimate Nusa Lembongan surf trip – sleep. Oh, this is a tough one since our experience wasn’t the best at the beginning. We were looking for a clean, cozy, budget friendly place with all basic facilities.  The Cozy Villas Lembongan seemed like the best choice for us. However we were quite disappointed when we arrived at the place. It was nothing like the pictures or maybe…those were reallllly old pictures. Rooms smelled like someone had been smoking in them. Sheets had stains and pool area was dirty too with beach beds covered with dust. It just wasn’t clean. And as families with kids that wasn’t a place for us. Fortunately we found a place just a few hundred meters away. In pictures Dream Beach Cottages looks similar to the first place but it was nothing like that, because it was true to the pictures. Very nice, cozy, simple, clean place. Rooms were cleaned every day, stuff was friendly and responsive. Pool area was also very nice and clean. Yes, if you are looking for a simple, clean place to stay in Lembongan, Dream Beach Cottages is it.

To Conclude…

Blue Lagoon. Photo by Lūcija Rošāne

We enjoyed our Nusa Lembongan surf trip. Loved surfing, food and relaxing. Also loved the Blue Lagoon, Devil’s Tear, Dream Beach and trip to Nusa Penida island close by. And coincidence or not it was sunny all 7 days we spent there even though it was rain season. First day we went back to Bali it was pouring rain. So if life is better on an island Nusa Lembongan sure proved it.


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