Razo Surf Spot in Spain – a Pleasant Surprise

Razo surf spot was ought to be simply a stopover coming back from Portugal – the surfing Mecca of Europe. However we ended up loving it enough to include it on the list of surf spots when we were planning our next surf trip. Playa de Razo is a long stretch of quiet, uncrowded beach – still unspoilt by over-development. It is located near the road in Carballo, A Coruña, Spain. There is not much to do around it except – surf! And surf is good.

Razo Surf Spain

Firstly and Mostly – Surf

Me and friends are on the same page as Magicseeweed on describing Razo surf:

Big, open beachbreak, excellent quality, fast, walled up peelers, working on all tides.

Surf Razo Spain

Ok, maybe we were lucky the first time, when waves were big and glassy and all conditions perfect to ride as many waves as we could before the sun went down. That surf session was epic! However even though it hasn’t been this good since there are two things we love most about Razo surf. First is consistency –  good waves frequently. And second is that it is not crowded, a few surfers in summer, practically deserted in winter.

What to Do

Surf Camp for Beginners

Razo Surf Spain

As said before one of main things to do in Razo is surf and if you haven’t done it jet – to learn surfing. I haven’t tested it myself but have heard and read a lot of great reviews about Art Surf Camp, located right across the street from Razo Beach. Anyway the people were friendly there as we hadn’t booked a place to stay and they offered to stay in their hostel together with surf campers.

Go to Santiago de Compostela


Even if you are not participating the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route Santiago de Compostela is a beautiful city with lots of sightseeing places like Catedral de Santiago de Compostela, Monte de Gozo, Monastery of San Martiño Pinario, Pazo de Raxoi, Museo del Pueblo Gallego and more.

To conclude..

Razo surf spot may not be among the top surf spots in Europe, maybe even not in Spain, however it is a pleasant surprise when it comes to consistency of waves and uncrowded surfing. Balticmuse approved.

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