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Razo Surf Spot in Spain – a Pleasant Surprise

Razo surf spot was ought to be simply a stopover coming back from Portugal – the surfing Mecca of Europe. However we ended up loving it enough to include it on the list of surf spots when we were planning our next surf trip. Playa de Razo is a long stretch of quiet, uncrowded beach […]

5 Things to Do in San Sebastian

San Sebastián or Donostia as Basques call it, a charming city located in the Basque Country region is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Spain. And there are more than one reasons why – its unforgettably beautiful beaches La Concha, Zurriola, Ondarreta and the small island beach of Santa Clara, alluring architecture, taste […]

7 Outstanding Cheap Flight Comparison Websites and Apps

Finding the cheapest and not the longest flight itinerary at the same time is always a challenge for a travel lover like me. That is why through years of traveling I have discovered, researched and tested lots and lots of flight comparison websites. This is the ultimate list of the best flight search websites out there […]

TOP 3 Last Minute Hotel Apps to Travel Cheap

If one thing I have discovered through years of traveling that booking hotels in advance is not always a way to get the best deals. On the contrary – last minute hotel search is the key. Still you have to know the best websites and apps where you can grab those appealing last minute deals. […]

The Real Bali: Ugly Truth And What to Love

When I first arrived in Bali I was surprised by what I saw. I have always imagined that this would be the greenest, most relaxing, quiet place on earth. At least that’s what most of the photos on Google search appear. But that wasn’t my first impression at all. Busy traffic, polluted air and crowded, […]

Nusa Lembongan: Surf Eat Sleep Repeat

Nusa Lembongan is a small island that often stays unnoticed in the shadows of its bigger neighbor Bali. We think it’s underrated. I first went there a few years ago and I thought then – Yes, that’s the paradise like place on earth I was looking for! – unlike Bali, which was my first stop […]

Gifts for Travel Lovers 2017: 44 Useful Gifts for People Who Travel A Lot

I have to admit, I’m a holiday person. And the thing I like the most about holidays season is the tingling feeling that something good is about to happen. That holiday atmosphere comes long before the anticipated date. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas day is wonderful. However I like the time before Christmas even more. That includes so many joyful […]

From Travel Addiction to Travel Love

People often say they are travel addicts in a positive manner. Still after researching this topic it got me thinking – is travel addiction a real thing? And if so is it always so innocent and fun as it sounds? Or maybe it can get ugly like all addictions. Traveling fills you with joy and […]

Balaan Bukid: Guimaras Holy Mountain With Breathtaking View

Balaan Bukid (Holy Mountain) located in the municipality of Jordan in Guimaras Province is a popular destination for local and foreign pilgrims. This sacred place gets most of its visitors during Holy Week.   Besides Holy Mountain’s sacred function it is also a beautiful nature’s wonder. A mountain provided with a nice dirt road path […]