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Ricky: The Happiest Vegetarian in Philippines

Meet Ricky from Guimaras, Philippines. Because of his extraordinary style it’s almost impossible to pass him by without staring. But even if you can’t resist to look a little longer and admire his style he will reply you with a big smile. Ricky is one of the most positive persons I have met. He may […]

How to Rent Short Term Apartment in Spain

When me and my friend Laura decided to head for Spain at the beginning of the summer of 2013 to look for a seasonal job, we had no idea how challenging it would be. We thought if we would choose a touristic place like Salou, it would be easy to find a job. Well, it […]

Relaxing Day in Guimaras Beach Resort

Guimaras is an island province in Philippines, located in the Western Visayas region. This wonder of nature is definitely one of my favorite island getaway spots. Although it is a province with a capital called Jordan and it a has a couple of ports and has more than 162 000 habitats, it still haven’t lost […]

Flowers and Spring in Latvia

Girls love flowers. It’s a fact. When the spring began in Latvia I couldn’t help myself wondering how great it would be to decorate my bike with some beautiful flowers and go for a ride. My bike looked stunning! I couldn’t believe it. It seems a little bit silly when you say it out loud.. but […]