My name is Anna Birzgale and I’m a freelance writer. I mostly write articles for travel blogs, however I am open to consider other themes and topics as well.

The content I create is readable, engaging and optimized for search engines. I will provide your blog with an informative, well researched, good quality content, that doesn’t look like it’s created by a robot.

Baltic Muse is my personal blog. You can find other examples of my work here:

Top 5 Things to Do in San Sebastian

10 Scientifically Proven and Human-Tested Ways to Become Happier

I offer blogging services: writing articles for your blog on regular basis.

How blogging can help your business?

  • it drives traffic to your website
  • it helps to convert that traffic into leads
  • it establishes authority
  • it creates long-term results

An article rate depends on different aspects including the work invested and the length of an article. Usually I charge 50$ for an article up to 600 words and 75-100$ for an article from 700 to 1000 words.

Hire me as a writer and start attracting organic traffic to your website by providing quality content today. Email me at You can also contact me using the form below.

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