Hi Everyone!

My name is Anna, and I love exploring the world: big cities that never sleep, small towns with big personalities, breathtaking tropical islands, magnificent mountains, lush green forests, broad flower meadows and more and more.

Moto of my life:

“Today is the most important day in our calendar because today is the first day of the rest of our lives.”

I enjoy life, live for today, do things that I love and feel passionate about. Life with no regrets.

I come from a small though incredibly beautiful country called Latvia located next to the Baltic Sea. It may be small, but it has a big soul. I have traveled to many places, though I haven’t seen so many green forests, beautiful dandelion meadows and wheat fields and no other city like Riga, the capital of my country.

Even though I love my country, I also have the explorer’s curiosity, that makes me crave for more amazing places around the world. Traveling has become one of my biggest passions. After getting more and more experiences, insights and emotions while discovering different places, I have decided to share them with you. Hoping my travel stories and tips could inspire more people to travel to their dream destinations, I have created Baltic Muse, a travel muse, that comes from a country next to the Baltic Sea; a muse of extraordinary life, life of taking risks and following your heart.

My goal is to provide my readers with valuable information and tips for traveling: places to visit, things to do, events to attend, food to taste, hidden pearls etc., as well as share my personal thoughts and emotions I’ve experienced while traveling. If your passion is traveling as well, take a look at my latest blog posts.

I’m always glad to hear your insights and suggestions. Your feedback means a lot to me, so go ahead, and share your thoughts on the comment section below the articles.

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Maybe I can inspire you?

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